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>> announcer: and now, from washington's leading news station, this is news 4 at 11:00. >> jerry sandusky is speaking out from his jail cell. >> they could take away my life. they could make me out as a
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monst monster, they could treat me as a monster. but they can't take away my heart. >> tonight, the former penn state football coach is maintaining innocence and lashing out at his accusers. >> on the eve of his sentencing, a defiant jerry sandusky is breaking his silence from behind bars. erica gonzalez with more on this story. >> reporter: jim, wendy, he helped turn penn state into a defensive power house. tomorrow, jerry sandusky is going to be sentenced to prison for anywhere from 10 years to 400 years in prison. >> tuesday, october 9th, 2012 will be a day of vindication for the 10 victims of jerry sandusky's sexual abuse. convicted of 45 counts. sandusky implies it was a conspiracy. >> a young man who was dramatic, a veteran accuser and always sought attention started everything. in my heart, i know i did not do
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these alleged, disgusting acts. my wife has been my only sex partner and that was after marriage. our love continues. >> reporter: at least six of sandusky's victims are expected to get emotional statements, possibly swaying the judge to lock up the convicted child molester for a lifetime. >> i ask for the strength to handle efrgd and the willingness obl to only to surrender to god. >> reporter: sandusky could be 78 when released from prison or die there. sandusky never testified before. he says his client has been preparing what he likely will say tomorrow. >> i believe, i believe, i believe that he was set up; i really do. >> and the judge is going to determine the sentence. the place and the conditions are going to be left up to state corrections officials. jim, wendy, back to you. >> breaking news in silver spring.
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chopper four was over the scene. it's off of good hope drive. shomari stone has our report. >> this is an active scene out here in silver spring, maryland. we're on good hope drive and the residents say think hoped they wouldn't see anything like this in their community. they are investigating, interviewing witnesses. a police kander told me this all started around 8:45 tonight. police say the rez dents shot a man in the group. tonight, that victim drove  himself to a nearby hospital where he's in critical condition. life-threatening injuries. people in this kwooquite neighborhood say it's if last place they've expected to see a shooting. >> i hope it's an isolated incident.
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>> police also tell me that the home ener was hurt, but he is going to be okay. >> tonight, a family is in mourning. he disappeared last week. glen's family issued a statement tonight saying the discovery was a great shock and they need to let the investigation into brian's death run its course. investigators are still determining the cause of death but sources are telling news 4 they do not believe this is suspicious. a high school student is rushed to the hospital. he was flown to a trauma center for a possible spinal injury. >> race for the white house now, there's a new poll that shows mitt romney with a four-point
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lead over president obl. back in september, just one month ago, romney trailed the president by eight points. romney tried to keep the momentum going during a campaign stop in virginia today. he spoke at a naval shipyard. he vowed not to cut military spending and he accused the p d president of lack leadership around the middle east. tomorrow, romney will go to iowa and then onto ohio. president obama is busy raising political cash in california tonight as his campaign closes in on $1 billion in donations. the president is in san francisco, preparing to go on stage just after mid night our time for a rally and fundraiser. earlier today, the president dedicated the casar chavez
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national monument. >> in the race for the u.s. senate, a debate tonight talking about the economy, a gridlock in congress and even big bird. >> reporter: with the richmond pbs station hosting the debate -- >> i pledge tonight not to fire big bird and not to defund public broadcasting. >> that was the only light moment in the hour-long debate. his main line of attack is when tim cain accepted. >> how does a governor decide to take on a second job that sends him all over the country giving him part san speeches while over
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a hundred thousand jobs are lost in virginia. it will still keep virginia the best state for business in america. >> i'm proud of the fact that when i was governor at a very challenging time. we did a lot to bring new businesses to virginia and to have a profile that was significantly greater than other states. >> you can best compromise across the aisle. >> we have to have bridge builders. wheneorge was in the senate. he ridiculed to find compromise. i think we need people in the senate who know how to compromise and that will move our economy forward. >> on everything from internet access to screening of newborn babies and nano technology. >> reporter: the two candidates face on in they final debate in
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ten days at virginia tech. >> next month, voters in maryland will decide whether to legalize same-sex marriage. tonight, governor martin omaley at the federal hill grill in baltimore. they watched the monday night football game to raise money in support of gay marriage. the fundraiser comes on the same date as a new set of rules hit the air waves. >> well, the nationals had a tough, tough day. so it was not a clean sweep out there. >> reporter: yes, it's now going to be the best of three for the washington nationals. good news, all three are back here at nats park.
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so much history. this is george zimmerman smacking a single to right. he slides into home for the first one. bottom of the inning, not as good as at the plate. malina comes home and the cardinals take a 2-1 lead. >> reporter: all that right for the nationals in game one didn't in game two. the nationals fall 12-4 and the series fied at one game apiece.
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i didn't do my part. it kind of snowballs with the rerooefers, sometimes. and it's kind of what happened today. >> they never speak for themselves. they've got a fine ball club. >> the nationals came here with one goal. that was to get at least a split against the kaurdales so you could say mission accomplished. all the nationals have to go is win two. more reaction from the locker room coming up in sports. for now, i'm down hellie in st. louis. >> so the siers moves to nats part. first pitch at 1:00 p.m. it will be the third day straight day game for the nats.
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>> say i'm going to the game, you're not. ha ha. who can't get a day off for that. >> that's a good excuse, you're right. >> okay, pep-co reached a new deal. now, the union members must vote on it. it is a four-year contract, but neither side is providing details. the union president says his biggest concern was workers, help and welfare plans. >> next at 11, it's something one bride won't forget any time soon. >> a clerk cheated death. but wait until you find out what the driver did. >> and a surprising find inside a car's engine. >> take a look at some showers out there right across parts of the region. but that's not what you'll be talkin
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two wedding parties brawling at a fancy philadelphia hotel. one uncle died from a heart attack on his birthday while trying to get away from the violence. this started when someone threw something and hit a guest early sunday morning. three people were arrested.
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>> in carmichael, california, the debris pinned a clerk to the county. this all happened on friday night. the truck driver just kept right on going. officers used the surveillance video, that is, to track that guy down. the driver is charged with d.u.i. and felony hit and run. >> murray, the missing dog has been reunited with his mily. he ran away with a fight with a jogger on friday. he was walking with a friend of her when murray bit him. murray broke free and ran off. kendler says the man assaulted her. after a tip, animal control found murray in someone's backyard. it feels amazing. i didn't think we were going to get him back. >> the vets say murray is
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recovering. he was hit by a car. they're going to keep him in e hospital for a few more days before letting him go home to his family. >> and we've got some which i m amly fallwet i? >> chilly, a little bit of an understamt, exactly. here, in early october, we're talking 15-20 degrees below average. and we're also talking about close to record temperatures as far as the temperatures went for today. as a matter of fact, a very cool night. most of the showers will be on the light side. the high today of only 55 degrees. a low this morning of 45. so a very cold day when you consider the average high is 71. we were just one degree shy ofl of a record-row high temperature.
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right now, a very chilly evening. it ak clctually gives us a litt bit of a windchill. the rest of the region, 41 in winchester. that's the actual temperature. that coming with cloudy conditions makes things a ritle raw. mostly in and around the i-95 corridor and then up through portions of the baltimore region and down to the soit. thee will continue into fairfax county and in the distrekt. most of these will be on the light side. i think by the morning, most of this pulls away. >> i think we'll see a little bit master's degree to a northeanort northea northeast, northerly wind. we could be seeing some drizzle
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and some fog early tomorrow morning. not the best stop to your tuesday, at ail. the showers move off to the east. maybe the chesapeake tomorrow, about a 30% chance of showers for you folks. look to the west of washington. i thif i think with see somt sunshine. the best chance of snow could come tomorrow. tempbtures maybe just a little bit warmer. nice weather until wednesday after nine. that's planned right here at 1:00. it could be some cloud cover. that next front moves through. look at these lows. down to 38 in frederick and
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martinsburg. tomorrow morning waking up with some rather cloudy and cool conditions. tomorrow afternon, sun clearing late. temperatures 55-59. maybe gusty a little bit, too. 64 on thursday. so, cooler, plenty of sunshine. the best day, right now, makes it look like late friday, saturday and sunday. nice warm-upcoming in at 75 degrees. >> excellent. >> coming up, nats are cometing home with some work to do. we're going to hear what some of let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs
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when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. >> so they're coming home. but, am i correct? we play petty well at home, right? >> oh, yeah, they co. that's a home-field advantage for a reason. >> with the nats winning game 1, the pressure was on the cardinals for game 2. you do not want to bpressure those guys. today wasn't a must-win for sant lewis, but they did play like that. the cardinals have a 7-1 lead. a homer to left center and it goes into the bull pen. next up, his teammate, adam laroche.
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he does the same thing and cuts the nats lead to four. the cards lead to four, rather. but sixth inning, danny espinoza is facing joe kelly. and he wants to get in on the act. bud, check this out. john j., he's tracking it, he's got it. unbelievable catch, right? >> it's easy to point at starting pitcher george zimmerman as he imploeded. what should be a concern recocuring neem. but the series returning to dc and this remains a confident bunch. >> you get all season and, you
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know, we're home with the season for the serious ties. it's what it's all about. we did our job here. >> let's chalk this up to getting hammered. we talk about not being able to see the ball at all, but it obviously didn't affect them. they jumped out and kept poring it on. >> they have scored ten or more runs on you guys in the last couple of week. >> they can hit it. it doesn't matter if you scored one or zero. if you win or lose, that's the big deal. hopefully, when we get home, our friends are ready for us. >> so the bottom line here is
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the nationals come back to d.c. with one win in the bag and the next three games, all at home. we'll see you there. from st. louis, dan hellie. >> it's david versus goliath. andy petit is the winning esz player of all time. ostanza ready to bring it affidavit a brief, rain less delay. lines this pitch at the right field corner. they're going to throw to get him home. he dances and the tab.
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the line is pitching to right. the os take the 2-1 lead. and, right now, in the bottom of the seventh, the score is 3-2, os leading. they were in the red zone in the third quarter. he was trying to get some exz tra yards. man, was he slammed down, right? well, he did meet with a neurologist and he passes and has no symptoms. they will let him practice. >> it's going to be tough for him. >> it will be tough.
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those guys are such competitors. they're going to say no, i'm fine. i want to play. >> but you know they're going to
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finally tonight, a kitten, a real tiny little thing just trying to keep warm found himself in a tight spot. the kitten was only three weeks old and was hiding in a car's engine compartment. the driver called prince george county firefighters. the firefighters bagged on the car's engine a few times and the kitten full-timely came out of hiding. one of the firefighters decided to adopt the cat. they d
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good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. ♪ >> hi. i'm on the show tonight. >> sir, arnold schwarzenegger is on the show tonight, and arnold schwarzenegger would not drive a prius.
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